Leading Schools

Answer PErfect Leading Schools are real staff using the Answer PErfect resources as part of their teaching and learning toolkit with success. Using these resources helps to prepare students for their PE examinations focusing on extended questions. These schools are at the forefront of our campaign to improve and develop the use of Answer PErfect resources to impact on student progress.

Answer PErfect uses a flipped learning approach whereby students gather AO1 knowledge prior to entering the classroom. This gives teachers and students the time in lessons to discuss and apply their AO1 knowledge to examples, thus strengthening their AO2 component and finally having the opportunity to practice their AO3 evaluating and analysing skills when answering topic based extended questions.

Sir John Nelthorpe
Sir John Nelthorpe School, Brigg

GCSE PE results were very similar to previous year on a whole but our students who were 3-4 borderline and 4/5 all came out with the higher grade and some even performed two levels higher than predicted. The three students who spent the most time using Answer PErfect were the students who made the greatest improvement from prediction and mock result to their actual grade in the summer. Great feature of the resource is the fact as a teacher I can track student usage. Sports Science saw an improvement in all 12 students’ exam scores from the January exam to the May exam. In January they didn’t have use of Answer Perfect
but for the May exam they did.

I use Answer Perfect as a starter activity in lessons to recap the previous lessons learning as well as setting homework such as each student must do at least 30 minutes of revision that night. A way I have engaged the students with the resource is by making it into a competition within a lesson. On the interactive whiteboard I can display the percentage they have got and they like to compete with each other to not be bottom.

The students like the idea of watching the videos and then answering questions on that specific topic straight after. Some will complete a test, watch the video and then redo the test and see significant improvement.

Answer Perfect is brilliant for different teaching methods. I use it for recall and flipped learning depending on the group.

The software is great for tracking students as already mentioned and identifying gaps in their knowledge. It works really well as I can get small groups together in one part of the classroom and go through certain topics whilst the rest are the room are busy working away on other topics.

I thoroughly believe the improvement in certainly my lower ability students was due to the fact they spent the most hours on Answer Perfect.

Mr R Belton
Teacher of PE

The Queen Elizabeth's High School
The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough

AnswerPErfect has had a huge impact on our AQA GCSE and A Level PE students, since purchasing the program the outcomes of our students, particularly with the extended answer questions, have improved. It has allowed us as a department to use flipped learning before the lessons to help extend the focus on AO2 and AO3 within lessons as well as creating a higher level of independent study from our students. With the teacher tracking system it allows me to monitor how much extra work students are doing in their own time, in addition as a head of department I can track all students in the different classes

The additional resources have become an integral part of our student's revision, we place the learning mats around our classroom and our students use them frequently during subject drop in and within their revision.

I strongly recommend any department to purchase this product to help improve student outcomes within GCSE and A Level.

Mr Josh Burge
Head of Physical Education and Sport

Twynham School

We have used Answer PErfect for our year 13 cohort who have just left (summer 2019). We used it to complement our course as we taught it, and also for specific topics for focused revision prior to assessments and mock exams. Alongside our course, we used the flipped learning mats (which also proved to be an invaluable revision resource) and videos prior to lessons. This allowed for a much richer discussion in class and enabled students to be focused from the very beginning of the lesson. By flipping elements of the course this also allowed students to take control of their own learning.

The resources provided are not only excellent high quality exam specific and ease teacher preparation time, but have also allowed easy opportunities for our students to develop their meta cognition. We have also used them to plan our retrieval practice activities.
Over the course of the year our students have improved the quality of their long answer questions and have averages 3 marks higher.

N Wilkins
Head of PE
Twynham School