Access to exam board specific revision videos applied to extended questions and thousands of self-marking quizzes.

Flip the classroom and facilitate learning with our range of teaching and learning resources to reduce workload.

Analyse data and measure progress against individual target grades to highlight areas for support and raise achievement.



What is Answer Perfect?

Answer Perfect is all about flipping the classroom and ensuring students have access to exam board specific videos for every topic area to build up their foundation knowledge at home and using lesson time to deepen their understanding. The videos will revise the exam content and show students how to breakdown an extended question and structure the perfect answer. Students can test their knowledge using quizzes which are self-marking and can immediately identify gaps which teachers can monitor with through tracking systems. Teachers can reduce their workload with access to a wide range of resources available to teach every topic area on the spec for GCSE and A Level PE and Science courses.








Video Tutorials

Exam-board specific tutorials allow students to learn beyond the classroom with expert teachers

Online quizzes

A non-pressure quizzing environment featuring multiple choice questions, perfect for testing knowledge recall


Automatic RAG highlighting individual student progress. Easy to identify gaps in their knowledge to bridge and raise achievement

Exam questions

Students are shown how to answer an extended question for every topic. All questions and markschemes are unique to Answer Perfect

Independent learners

Use our flipped learning approach and resources available beyond the classroom to support your delivery and encourage your students to be independent learners


Vast range of resources used in and beyond the classroom makes lesson planning a breeze



What do people say about Answer Perfect?

“I’ve been on the site and the tutorials are good.  I really like the exam question focus looking at different parts of the question and the guidance around how to approach the longer answer ones in particular.  This is certainly an area our students will benefit from having access to whilst the school is closed.”

Jamie Taylor Assistant Headteacher, Wales High School, Sheffield

Hannah Maciw Bohunt School Wokingham

QEHS PE Dept QEHS, Gainsborough, Lincs

Liskeard School PE Dept Liskeard School & Community College, Cornwall

Heyford Park Free School PE Department Heyford Park Free School PE Dept, Bicester

Natalie Stride Natalie Stride, Bournemouth Collegiate School

“The site looks great and the content is so good and easy to follow. Students can easily watch the videos in their own time and space and simply access the quiz to test their knowledge.”

Adam Jones Adam Jones, Kantor King Solomon High School

“We are so grateful for the access to this fantastic site. The video tutorials are clear and concise and take students through the content in a practical and logical way that is straightforward for them to understand. The use of the 9 mark questions is also a great way to introduce the topic and make links to the longer answer questions. Overall a fantastic resource that will definitely help us over the coming weeks and months.”

Emma Rose Emma Rose, Head of PE, Gordano School

“Fantastic service, very adaptable and quick to respond. Our students enjoyed listening to the videos over the Christmas holiday to get them ready for their exam”

Faye Engelbrecht Faye Engelbrecht, Moulsham High School, Founder of Essex PE Conference

“Thank You!! The videos are great!”

Mr D Keogh Mr D Keogh, Headteacher, Lincoln

“Excellent work today. Kids really enjoyed the live stream. Massively supports their understanding for the unit.”

@stewardsgh @stewardsgh,

“Awesome, engaging material that made it easy to watch and to understand.”

K.Bray K.Bray, Lincoln