Our Online Exam Builder: The Best Way To Revise

From the first day we started out as PE teachers, our mission has never changed – inspire pupils and teachers to aim high and support them in the process, in order for them to succeed.

After two years of hard work building this platform we have created a bank of specialist exam board specific extended questions. With hundreds on our site, we guide teachers and staff through how to write the perfect answer, using our massive bank of specialised multiple choice questions.

Why Choose Our Unique Exam Builder?

Wouldn’t it be great to give teachers some more freedom in setting exam papers specific to their own and their pupils needs? Wouldn’t it be great to have a reporting system that clearly identifies gaps in students knowledge in order for teachers to facilitate students learning to enable them to bridge their gaps in their knowledge?

Look no further as our exam builder is here, this piece of software is going to revolutionise remote learning. Teachers now have the power and freedom to create their own exams. They have the choice to set end of unit tests which can include multiple extended questions, multiple choice questions and short answer questions. The new reporting system can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in pupils’ knowledge and understanding which is key for supporting students and guiding them towards success.

What Can Teachers Do?

There are a variety of things teachers can do with our unique exam builder, including:

  • Building unlimited numbers of mini exams
  • Customising any paper
  • Assigning classes or individual students
  • Receiving answers online
  • Receiving question level analysis
  • Having automated marking
  • Gaining action feedback, mark, plan teach
  • Tracking students previous responses
  • Tracking student/cohorts progress
  • Saving time
  • Facilitating future teaching and learning

An Online Exam Builder To Help Your Students Revise

Remote teaching is challenging, ever had students say I couldn’t find any paper? With our exam builder students answer questions online from anywhere and on any device. It can be accessed in the classroom and beyond the classroom, flexibility is key. 

We provide different levels of responses to enable teachers to provide differentiation and be able to provide an individualised personal approach. Exam papers can be set quickly and efficiently, which can be emailed straight to the class or students. No more time staring at the photocopier, or waiting for paper or ink to be run out. It goes straight from the teacher to the student.

Students upload responses straight back to their teacher where responses can be stored in a centralised place, teachers can clearly see where their teaching and learning needs to focus. This is a great feed forward approach.

Mark, evidence informative planning takes place, use Answer Perfect’s online video tutorials or take specific exam questions in which students can see their previous responses.  Students can benefit by visually seeing their answers and improve attempt after attempt. They can use our online notes function which allows them to make notes, whilst watching our videos they can organise them and store them in one centralised area. Gone are the days where my dog ate my homework, it can no longer be an excuse. Notes can be accessed anytime, anyplace and on any device.

Reap The Benefits Of Our Online Exam Builder Today

Help us revolutionise teaching. Together we can inspire, support and reform remote learning, enabling pupils to succeed. Reap the benefits of our online exam builder and sign up to a free trial today. For more information about our software can transform your teaching, get in touch with our team today and fill in our contact form here