How To Answer Extended Questions

Do you ever get those students who sit down, stare at their page, anxiety has set in. Where do they begin when they haven’t been able to practice exam technique or had the technology to enable them to do it beyond the classroom. 

You want to improve their ability in answering extended questions, but is there a website out there that breaks down extended questions and guides them through how to answer an extended question? Is there a website that supports both staff and students with exam techniques?

Our simple formula will show you and help your students learn how to answer extended questions successfully. By guiding you from start to finish, we can support your teaching and assist your students in answering extended questions.

How It All Started…

Being an examiner for over a decade, it was noticeable that students did not know how to structure or even go about how to tackle extended questions. Marking over 500 responses at a time, only a handful of students will score over half marks on 6 mark or 9 mark questions. Students were losing marks due to a lack of understanding and lack of practice.

Answer Perfect has been proven to tackle this national problem, a website specific to supporting students deciphering extended questions, breaking them down, and then helping them to structure their perfect answer.

The Process Behind The Idea…

Our process is repeated throughout the whole course that students study, this process has been proven to improve student’s overall grades.

So how do we get pupils to answer extended questions? I hear you cry? Eat, answer, sleep repeat! First, keep it simple, keep it short, enable them to be successful, this will keep them motivated and engaged.

The first stage is looking at the command words, what is the command word asking the students to do? Each exam board may be slightly different so ensure students have a printed copy of the command words.

Highlight the command word in one colour and then move onto the topic area and highlight it in another colour and then lastly highlight the focus of the question.

These three key areas need to be rinsed and repeated if students can do this, it will enable them to be on the road to success.

Once they have correctly identified the 3 main areas of the exam question, they can begin to structure the perfect answer!

How Can Students Structure The Perfect Answer?

If only a website was available to students that have an extended question for every topic area in the specification. If only there was a platform to empower students to independently give them the confidence to structure the perfect answer. Look no further as we have specific video tutorials to guide students through deciphering questions, structuring their perfect answer, and enabling them to score maximum marks.

We have built this website specifically to inspire students to aim higher, support students to achieve better, and celebrate success together.

To empower your students to answer extended questions with confidence and see success, sign up for a free trial today! From student-only packages with insightful revision videos to our full packages with teaching tracking sheets, we have a solution suitable for your requirements and budgets. For further information about how we can help you and your students, simply fill in our contact form here